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GD6800 Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Tester

GD6800 measures the capacitance and dielectric loss factor (tgδ) of high voltage electric equipment. It is integrated structure, built-in dielectric loss test bridge, variable frequency adjustable power supply, boosting transformer and SF6 standard capacitor.
High voltage source is generated by internal inverter of the instrument, which is used for testing test object after transformer boost. If adding a insulation cup and temperature control device, dielectric loss of insulating oil can be tested.

GDRB-B Transformer Frequency Response Analyzer

This is best transformer winding deformation tester to determine the degree of changes in internal windings of the transformer based on the quantity of change, magnitude and region affecting change and tendency of frequency response change which are quantized from the response changes in different frequency domains of transformer’s internal winding parameters, and then it can help to determine whether the transformer has been severely damaged, or need a major overhaul in accordance with the measurement results.

GD3127 Insulation Resistance Tester

GD3127 Insulation Resistance Tester is widely used in maintenance of electrical equipment in transformer substation, power plant, etc. It is suitable for carrying out measurement of insulation resistance (IR), absorption ratio (DAR) and polarization index (PI) of all kinds of high voltage equipment, including switchgear, transformers, reactors, capacitors, motors, generators and cables, etc.

GDYT Partial Discharge Testing System

It is mainly used for testing frequency voltage insulation level of various insulation materials, insulation structure and electrical products, also as partial discharge frequency testing power supply for testing object such as transformer, mutual inductor and lightning arresters. It widely used in electrical manufacturing, power operation departments, research institutes and universities.

GDB-P Auto Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

General Information:
According to IEC and the relevant national standards, transformer turns ratio test is a necessary project in the process of power transformer production, user handover and maintenance test. This way can effectively monitor the quality of transformer products in the factory and use process, prevent transformer turn to turn short circuit, open circuit, connection error, internal fault or contact fault of tap changer.

GDZRC-40U series DC winding resistance tester

GDZRC series DC winding resistance tester is designed to measure DC resistance of inductive devices, such as transformers and power inductors.
It has the features of fast measurement, small size and high accuracy of measurement, which is ideal equipment of measuring transformer winding and DC resistance of big power inductance equipment.

GDPQ-5000 Power Quality Analyzer

GDJB-1600 Relay Protection Tester

General Information:
Relay Protection Microcomputer Test Device plays a key role in operating electricity power systems reliably and safely. It is the testing device used in professional field of microcomputer protection, relay protection, excitation measurement, fault recorder.