Tripoli, Libya

Our Service

We promise ourselves and acclimatize to the requirements of our client, associated him during the entire process, from beginning to end with full satisfaction.

ICME  work as both lead Consultants in engineering orientated projects and assisting others as part of a professional team  have the capabilities in different fields of engineering especially: ·

  • Electrical installations, substation, distribution and transmission systems. · High voltage transmission lines , UPS , battery chargers. Protection relays etc..
  • ,Power generation plants packages (steam, gas and diesel). ·
  • Gas and steam turbines ,Combined cycle power and desalination plants and dual purpose plants ·
  • Water desalination plants of different sizes and capacities and different types (MSF, R.O., V.C.). .
  • Sewage treatment plants.
  • Electrical, mechanical, air conditioning, fire protection and detection, sewage, drainage and plumbing services for major building complexes

ICME scope of consultation services includes feasibility studies, load forecast for energy and water demands, electrical system stability, selection of site locations, engineering design preparation of tender documents, pre-qualification for tenders The firm has experience in design with turnkey based on conceptual or detailed design having one contract or several contracts; full contract management and co-ordination in both cases. Our firm have a team of competent professional staff who have high academic qualifications with practical experience in design, supervision of construction, tests and commissioning at site, operation and maintenance of projects in the field of specialization.

Our extensive Engineering and Design team ,Electrical, Mechanical, Civil capabilities enables our clients to receive a fully integrated approach to product development and customization.

We are committed to providing consistently great customer service and technical support to every customer  we deal with, and are able to adapt to deal with challenging process applications posed to us by customers .

We are always aiming to improve and expand our scope, allowing us to deal with more process applications and reach more customers . Additionally, our engineers are available on-site consulting and technical support, delivering well completions know-how anywhere you operate.

ICME is fully capable to help its customer to enhancement your operating adeptness, decrease downtimes, alleviate your risks, widen your inexpensive edge, make the most of your performance and increase the profitability of your resources.

ICME has a long history of significant experiences  in emerging its proficiencies in the area of Turbo Machinery. We achieve the clients’ requirements and scope of work by utilizing local expertise jointly with OEM representatives and ICME partners to enable the clients’ requirements. We have a crew of highly trained engineers and technicians prepared to perform field service on emergency or planned outages.

Maintenance is an integrated services package provided by the company targeting the sustain preservation and optimum regularity of client assets up to its mission-ready operational conditions, with ultimate care to minimize cost, optimize quality, eliminate/reduce HSE-related risks, limit equipment failure costs and boost consistency with operational requirements.

Additionally, ICME offers comprehensive project management services for your designated Research and Development project. From first feasibility studies, design and executing and testing, our engineers provide turnkey project management based on Client needs and unique specifications. Our talent, technology, facility and expertise are dedicated to your custom project requirements.

ICME  has wide experience in supply of all kind of spare parts for oil & Gas and power sector with the quality of the manufacturing plant at low prices in the shortest time.

For Gas Turbines we can supply number of industrial turbine components as a specialized in this sector , we provide turbine blades and parts according to client’s provided specification or sample. Modern techniques and equipment are applied for measuring (CMM and 3D scanners) etc.  . As our customers provide us documentation, we can supply on the basis of that. We can supply turbine parts not limited to below in different materials and design.

  • Nozzles & diaphragms
  • White metal bearings
  • Machining rotors
  • Gear boxes
  • Rotor and stator blades
  • Moving blades & fixed blades
  • Labyrinth
  • Control system Parts
  • Turbine auxiliaries.

At the request of our customers, we can extend the warranty on most of our gas turbine spare parts up to 24 months.