Tripoli, Libya

Our Projects

Abutraba Desalination Plant

GDCOL asked ICME to supply, install and commission four Protection replays( MICOM 200) for Motor protection in Abutraba Desalination Plant .ICME procured the updated protection relays from SCHINDER (France), install commission, tested them in addition to on hand short training program for GDCOL Engineers.


ZUEITINA operations called ICME on emergency basis for solving the malfunctions in the operation of Tugboat drivers, ICME received the documents and study the drawings then mobilize to the site and successfully completion of the repair the tugboat and bring it back to service.

RASCO GT GE Frame 5 Type PG 5341 (60 B) Trouble shooting

RASCO Company called ICME to solve starting  problem of Gas turbine B,ICME Team mobilize to site and conduit a complete survey for the machine which end up with finding of major damages on turbine buckets.ICME submit a detailed report with recommendations for conducting Major inspection for the unit, major overhaul postponed by client till completion

Over Head High Voltage Transmission Line (OHTL) Maintenance( GECOL)

Based on requirements for a higher level of performance in-service which in turn, reduces the overall operating cost of the line.ICME have done some activities as follow:  . 220 KV Glass and Porcelain insulators cleaning, suspension and tension towers (Sirte, Zamzam Misurata, Alkhomose, Tarhona and Tripoli) Optical Ground Grounding Wire (OPGW), the work have done can


A fire accident occurred on steam turbine B led to a damage on the turbine and gear box .ICME was invited by MOG to conduct a site survey and investigation to the generator of the unit. ICME conduct inspection as per OEM and IEEE standards and conclude the generator to be maintained and overhauled according

LEBDA Cement Plant Fire-fighting Skid

Lebda Cement Plant has purchased a fire fighting skid operated on manual mode only, ICME successfully modified the control system and enabled the Auto start/ Stop options in addition to manual operation mode for both Electrical and diesel engine pump.

HOO Gas turbine I&II Generators life assessment

Gas Turbine I&II in Amal field installed during the period of 1965. HOO is planning to make major overhauls and control system upgrading for the units .For this reason ICMe was invited to do the assessment for those old generators as per OEM standards. ICME complete the assessment and submitted full detailed report for the

Major overhaul for Gas Turbine SGT-500 (GT-35) at Amal Field

SGT- 500 has been overdue for major overhaul as per OEM and due to high vibration  it can’t be operated. HOO raised a tender for executing C- inspection. ICME won the tender and started the job on 23.02.2019 and completed about 60% of the project and awaiting for spare parts to complete the project and

OYIA Car Parking

ICME dismantled old Oyia car parking Emergency diesel Generator and install a new one, the location of generator is in underground level, the passage to enter the new one is narrow therefore , the new one partially dismantled and reassembled in position , started and commissioned.


ENI Italian oil company is supporting GECOL for improving the Electric grid by participating in some repairs in Alkhalij power station, ICME with DIETSMAN Libya worked tighter in complete a full site survey in addition to inspection and provide a full recommendation for a repair of boiler number #1.